Our Areas of Expertise

We can assist organizations in the following key areas:



Leadership development is crucial for creating a positive and effective work environment, driving organizational success, fostering personal and professional growth, and achieving the organization's key objectives. Too often, leaders are thrust into positions reluctantly, earlier than anticipated, and without the skillset for success.

Our workshops involve two streams:

Our leadership development workshops help you achieve your key objectives by investing in improving your team's skills!


Strategic Planning can mean many different things. Simply, it is a process whereby a Council or Board of Directors will set a long-term, high-level plan that will guide decision-making well into the future.

While there are many ways to go about this, the process is dictated by time, money, and the nature of the organization. We will facilitate discussions in a variety of areas including:


With each election, the culture of the Council or Board may differ, politics may vary, and returning Councilors or Board members may be more confident in their roles. Providing each new Council or Board with the information required to get off to a good start and govern successfully is a critical piece to the success of the group. The Municipal Services Group can lead your Council or Board through this orientation in a fun and engaging way.


An organization will undertake an organizational review for many reasons and the scope may be small or large. These are generally a planned systematic review of an organization's processes, work environment, operations, and organizational structure. The assessment process guides the development of recommendations and action plans to achieve organizational objectives.