Support to Recreation and Sports Organizations

TMS Sports Strategies is a subsidiary of the Municipal Services Group that specializes in supporting recreation and sports organizations. Whether you're a golf club, minor sports association, or special event – to name a few – TMS Sports Strategies works with non-profit organizations to assist in the following key areas:



Proper orientation of your board members is critical to getting off on the right foot after an appointment and developing a sense of team and cohesiveness. Often, new board members will feel like they have some "catching up" to get up to speed with the rest of the board members. A quality orientation will allow as much as possible, all board members to work with the same level of knowledge and contribute to effective decision-making. Some examples of topics included in a Board orientation are:


How much money should we have in the bank? Do we need to start saving for extra projects? What sources of funds are there to help us with our plans? Are our finances safe from fraud? 

Many sports and recreation boards are made of volunteers who dedicate much time and effort to their favourite pastimes. Unfortunately, many of these boards – with the best intentions – lack the expertise to ensure their financial position is strong for the long term and is protected from risk. It is not your fault – and more common than you know!  Whether it's planning for the long term, or developing checks and balances that protect the board and its volunteers, the TMS Group has the answers.


Strategic Planning can mean many different things. Simply, it is a process whereby a Council or Board of Directors will set a long-term, high-level plan that will guide decision-making – short and long-term – well into the future. The organization's activities (operations) should help the Board achieve its long-term goals (strategic priorities).

While there are many ways to go about this, the process is dictated by time, money, and the nature of the organization. We will facilitate discussions in a variety of areas including: